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Here at Low Carb Kitchen, we are committed to two things:


Quality Food and Quality Service.  Thankfully, our customers think we're doing it right.  In our annual anonymous customer survey, here's what they had to say: 

  • Food is fresh, tasty and a timesaver. I don't have time to prepare some of the entrees and since my family is not on Keto, I don't have to make their dinner and then mine.

  • The variety is great, and everything always tastes so fresh. You can tell quality ingredients are used.

  • Easy way to stay on track & Shannon is the best!

  • Food is delicious, price is right, home and drop-off delivery is so convenient. Love the variety & options. Desserts are out of this world.

  • My fiance is also a super picky eater and he almost never complains when we have LCK for dinner. It has saved me so many weeks to just not stress about food and know healthy, yummy food is on it's way!

  • The variety and the people in charge. They go out of their way to provide for you. It is worth the price!

  • The food is delicious! And I didn't have to cook it!

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